FS: Toshiba Laptop, Vista Ultimate, Laptop Ram+HD, Xbox+Wii Games, DVDs, and more!

request this thread to be closed, title is no longer indicative of the contents

bumping this up, added laptop pics, prices dropped, and more ram added.

Ill take red steel…would you ship it priority?

if you add a couple bucks I can ship priority, but for that price it would be First Class.

my paypal is BrownThunder@hot.rr.com, go ahead and send whenever you see fit!

Okay I just sent $35 (I hope thats enough) Looking foward to the game!!!

is the HDD new or used?

it was used in my custom built HP for about 8 hours before I upgraded it to a 200gb.

Price dropped on windows vista.


lemme know if you still want the HD, Prices have been dropped on other stuff

For the UPS; is it used, and if so does it still have the box/booklets/manual/cd/cords?

yes, it is used, all I have for it is the power cord. It has served me VERY well.