FS: Total Custom Joystick Package (Sanwa Joystick + Pushbuttons + extras)

Total Custom Package Deal:
Take a look at this picture for reference of color.

1 x Sanwa Green/Pink JLF-TP-8YT, includes mounting plate - *24.95 *
1 x Sanwa Wiring Harness - 4.95
2 x Nuts + bolt for the JLF joystick - 1.00
8 x Sanwa Green/Pink OBSF Pushbuttons - 23.60 (2.95x8)
5 meters long 22 gauge wire - 3.00
3 x Madcatz SE white/black 24mm pushbuttons - 4.50 (1.5 x 3)
30 x quick disconnects - 3.00 (30x0.1)

Retail Price: $65.00 + shipping
My Price: $55 + shipping.
You save 10 bucks

Add a PCB to the package:

  1. MC Cthulhu board*: +$35
    *The MC version have diodes for protection against any power fluctuation, upgradable firmware + multiconsole support
  2. Xbox360 PCB: +25

Metal Box:
Unpainted box: $65

Painted: $95
Choice: Black or White

Sample assembled sticks:

Black with no sheet on top, black and lime green is a very very nice combo

White on white, another sexy combo (Sorry a little out of focus, i was taking this one :P)

Special order color: $110
Uses Auto Paint

Thanks for my buddy Derek for taking these awesome picture.

Total Package: $10 USD
Box: $20 USD for Expedited Parcel? - USA 7 business days or $30 USD for Xpresspost? - USA 3 to 4 business days

I accept payment from verified Paypal users or cash if you are local.
Paypal account: jcskwc@hotmail.com

Please specify when sending payment:
Your userid name on here
What you want,
Green/Pink for package or unpainted/white/black for box
Your shipping address, if different from your paypal account.

For local people, I am available Monday to meet up, you can pm me and I will get back to you. Pickup in Markham, Markville Mall or Pacific Mall. Pm me for more detail.

Thanks guys.

My Promise to you.

  • All of these are BRAND NEW GUARANTEED
  • All products are as described
  • All prices are set and in USD
  • All orders will be shipped within 1-3 business days of received payment
  • Local Pickup are fine with me, I am located in Markham, Ontario, Canada*


  1. Why Madcatz 24mm?
    I am selling the 3 Madcatz brand new pushbuttons because they are decent enough for buttons that are RARELY pressed. There are two kinds of buttons Madcatz uses, one that last very short and another one with the longevity very close to Sanwa, used in SE, which is the ones I am selling) Anyway, I firmly believe for these buttons are sufficient enough since they are pressed maybe few times a day, so it is stupid to pay double the price for them. Every few dollar counts and I am just trying to save you guys some money. This is just my opinion from building, no hard feelings, hope I didn’t offend any one.

  2. Why am I paying a $30 premium to get this painted when I can get a spray can for 20 bucks for primer and paint at my local hardware store?
    This is because it takes a long time to sand, primer, and paint. For those who do not want it painted, I am totally cool with that, less work for me, less money to spend for you. It takes very long to sand, primer, dry, paint dry paint dry paint dry. Honestly I prefer just selling the box, but none the less, just remember, in the long run, you are much better of putting primer on it before you paint, if not the paint will chip off super easily. Do it right the first time. If not you will end up looking like this, and at that time when you want to repaint it, you have to sand everything down so it’s not layered and repaint.

nice package, how much for one shipped to 77042?

Great pricing, you should maybe make a second package thats the same but with obsf24 buttons for alittle more. I mod alot of ex2/fs3s so the 24mm buttons dont matter to me as much.


Pretty nice dude. Next time I need a set of parts I’ll hit you up. I agree with the 24mm buttons though. I’d be willing to pay extra if I had the option.

bump for my brother

Zing! Man, this is a STEAL, buying all together comes out super cheap. I know who I’ll be going to next time for parts.

Best of luck, mate!

Definately looking forward to some completed custom sticks.
I’m located in the GTA so hopefully we can work out a local deal.

Also looking forward to some custom sticks or might build it.
I’m also located in Markham.

wow that’s great
thanks for all the support guys
I have already sold 3 sets already in one day!

Nonetheless, thanks guys, and those who are local and want a custom stick i will let you guys know in 2 weeks or check back here, I am looking forward to doing business with you guys.

good news! I will start selling empty cases by the end of next week, please leave your id if you want dips!!! They are fully metal and will look something like this! It is finkle inspired, I just looked at the box and redesigned it myself. Preorder now!

Will also start selling completed stick in few weeks time!

Those are really damn slick. Send me a PM with the price and US shipping once they’re ready.

Please put me on the list for 1 painted case

SRK Username: valkyrie23
Location: California

Not sure which color I want just yet though.

will you post est. price for case shipped to US? put me on the waiting list! i’m down for a highly sought after case in that style without a 3 month wait lol. :tup:

Put me down for a case.


I will post pictures as soon as I get a hold of them. My prototype one that I made is at the shop right now. Basically you are looking at 8.5x11 inch for the top piece (a letter size paper so it is easy to print layout and just fit in urself.
Estimate price would be
65 unpainted
95 sanded, primed, painted to a sexy color, I can paint them pearl white (the exact ones you see from a car like the acura rsx) or like black, or blue.
they were very very expensive to make compared to wood boxes because the outside is fully metal, unlike wood which is dirt cheap to make. I had the option to make both, but I chose the metal panel because paint fits on there much nicer and also its much more stirdy, it is also lighter and easier to ship. I am only taking 20 boxes for now. The others I am leaving for future custom boxes.

Hey can u msg me how much it will cost for shipping to 77048 and would need it as fast as possible. Also would like a ps2 and 360 port on there. How much for that will pay extra for speed.

Hey guys, sorry but can you leave your name here instead of pming me, my box just went to max in like 10 minutes

Put your name down here and I will give you dibs. After the boxes gets here, we will finalize everything.

Finkle replicas, painted for $95?

Put me down for 2 painted cases :tup:

put me down for 1 box.
name: serg
srk username: meus
location: toronto, ontario
unpainted case.

put me down for 1 unpainted case
Name: David H.
srk username: Fstrike
location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

I updated the list and cleared inbox
Put your name here, i might miss a pm or two if the list gets bigger (most probably not, but maybe)

Thanks a lot guys. Will update you guys.