FS: Toys, 360/PC/Random Stuff... *NEW --STIKFAS-- added 4/15*

Turns out weddings cost a shit load, so this is the start of me selling off junk and cleaning out my house.

I will be updating constantly as I find more stuff.

***Free shipping with $20 or over bought. Anything under that and I’ll ship via USPS at cost to the buyer. ***

STIKFAS: ***(these are super fun poseable toys that you build yourself)
I’ll take offers on either the whole lot or individuals. Some are more rare than others.

Here are some prices on the ones I’d be willing to part with

-Knight - $5

-Superhero and Supervillain - $10 each

-Delta Boy Skateboarder (I have like 3 or 4 of these) - $4 each

  • Warrior Monk - $5

-Soldier - $5

-Samurai - $7

  • Rock Band (2 of each male/female) - $5 each

I also have a lot of regular alpha male figures that are plain, and some assorted guns swords and weapons etc.

If you want extra alpha figures I’ll sell each for $4 and throw a random assortment of accessories with each.

G2 male w/Dome Walker New in Box - $15***


Mobster New in Box - $7


Viking New in Box - $25


2GB Crucial RAM (see pic for specs) $10


Oblivion Strategy Guide $5


**Star Wars Figures

Old style Unleashed:**

Emperor - $6:


Obi-Wan - $5:

Anakin - $5:


Grevious - $8:


Dooku - $6:


Take em all shipped for $28

Mini Unleashed:

All shown - $5:


Air Soft Smith & Wesson $10:


Logitech Rumblepad PC (have 2 of these) $5:


Nostromo N52 Speedpad $15:


PC Games as shown:

***Guild Wars, Sims 2, Doom $3 each

Age III $5

Colonization $8***


Dont lie, you know your soon to be wife dont want you having these toys anymore…Lots of cool stuff man, i’ld buy some stuff buy my asian wife probably just give it away as soon as i get it…I really want that laser tag set…:sad:

BTW congrats & welcome to the club!

lol, she’s not too bad about my toys. This is a VERY small part of the collection.

And yeah, the laser tag is great. You won’t have much more fun (or stupid) fun than sitting around shocking your friends with it.

I’ll buy the laser tag!

Nice price on the nostromo, if only I still played WoW!

Speedpads are awesome, I’ve just really gotten away from PC gaming. Especially FPS, which this is great for.

bump, added Stikfas today.

Does Guild Wars come with the account? If so, I’d be glad to take that off your hand but I wouldn’t need the CD.

Let me find find the account info. It doesn’t really have anything on it though.

It’s fine if it doesn’t. At this point I’ll take almost any accounts I can get my hands on. But if you’re going to sell it, you should include the account since the key that comes with the game is account based, meaning it would be useless without the account info unless someone wanted the CD as a collector’s item since GW can be downloaded from the official GW site.

gotcha. i’ll have to dig through some old emails but if you want it, it’s yours.

I’ll take it for $3. I’m going to head off to bed soon, so if you find the account info, PM me your paypal email address and I’ll get to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

bump. still lots of stuff left.

Bought some stuff from you, here’s a bump and a post so we can rate each other! :smile:

Do you happen to have the black robot/copper bear stikfas?

Black robot yes, copper bear no.

Have you figured out details for the loose Stikfas lots? Also, what kind of price are you looking for on the Viking in box?

I haven’t gotten details on the stikfa prices because nobody has asked about them.

For the loose chars, let me know what figures you might be looking for and I’ll see if I have them extra and can put together a package.

The Viking might be pricey as it’s discontinued, and as far as I know it’s been out of stock everywhere for a long time. I will check on the value and get back to you in a bit.

Well, I only have one Stikfas, one of the black army guys. I was just hoping to buy a loose lot to get a cool little assortment to go with him. Just taking a quick look through Amazon, the Duel Ninjas, Samurai, Assassin, Spaceman, and Black Knight look like the figures I want most. The Warrior Monk and that black robot look pretty cool too. Let me know what you’ve got, either here or by PM if you want to discuss specifics.

^^^ pm sent and I’ll give you first dibs on what you want. Also prices on some loose figures added to the original post.