FS / TRADE: Hori Fighting Stick 3 ps3 / usb

Update - trade complete, this is gone now.

Update - trade w/ deci in progress, will post once it’s complete.

Hori Fighting Stick 3, barely used - just until my VSHG showed up. All original packaging, works fine, and I’m not a masher.

Retail is $59, would like to get around $45, or trade for a decent ps3 game, i.e. vf5 us version, resistance, motorstorm, armored core 4.

Located in austin, looks like it’ll fit in a flat rate priority mail box though.

Here are some pics:

Sorry about the weird compression artifacts in that one - the stick obviously doesn’t have jaggies in real life :wink:

I have an unopened copy of resistance fall of man I’m willing to trade in a isntant for that.

Do you have pics?

I’m about to head out of town for the weekend, but can take some pics when I get back.

pm sent if it’s still up for grabs.