FS: Triumvir Dhalsim Tee L $30 Shipped, PS, Wii, Anime-See Today's SPECIAL

Hey guys. Need to sell some games and items asap.

Some ground rules first:

No holds. First come first serve. Sorry guys but you know how it is.
PM me if your interested or want an item. I will only respond through PM’s.
OFFERS ARE OK. But serious buyers get priority.
Paypal and US only please.

**SOLD Triumvir Dhalsim **Shirt Black Large. Brand new!!! PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING!

**SOLD- REAL PS2->PS3 Converter **- Found this laying around. New, Unopened. Not sure how much it goes for these days…

Playstation 3:
Bionic Commando Lunchbox! $20 - New Unopened
$8 - Guitar Hero 3 (Game only) - used, complete

Playstation 2:
$10 - Arcana Heart - used, complete
$10 - Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 1 - Used, complete
$10 - Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2 - used, complete
$10 - Castle Shikigami 2 - used, complete


Playstation 1:
SOLD- Final Fantasy 7 greatest hits - disc and case, no manuel

Nintendo Wii:
**$14 - The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess **- used, complete

$35 House of the Dead 2 (jpn) with Official Dreamcast lightgun

Anime Stuff:
SOLD Fate Stay Night Pocket Watch (RARE, also needs new batteries)

Melty Blood Collectible ( Forgot the name…UNOPENED) - $20

That’s all for now. Still looking through my stuff of things to get rid off.

Paypal and US only please.

Thanks for looking guys.

added more items

For those who have dealt with me before, you guys know I’m easy to deal with so feel free to throw out offers if you want something.

Bump - price drop, added HRAP 3

PMd about HRAP3.

pics of the dreamcast? :D!

Is the HRAP3 still available?

HRAP 3 Available?

I was going to buy that Neco-Arc before.

Good stuff.

yes it is. Still on first come first serve bases.

I have responded to all pm’s and waiting to hear from everyone.

Will add pics tonight.

Added SFIV controllers

PM’d re: SFZ3

buy this guys stuff. toan is the man and these prices are the hook up!

^Thanks Bro.

Next serious offer on HRAP 3 and can pay today will get buy it for $115!


Lock the HRAP down. I’ll send you money now!

Damn just a lil too late for the HRAP3. Good luck with the sale though.

Hrap sold

20% off total purchase today only!

PM’d for SFAC

pics of dc are up

PM Sent