FS: Triumvir Gear and other SF Items

Hello SRK. I need to let go of some items before I move. Won’t really have a place for them.

I can have all sold items shipped out by this Saturday (June 8,2013.) After that I will be away for a week.

All prices already include shipping and Paypal Fees. Shipping is US Only.

Please look at the pictures before buying. Feel free to PM me any questions you may have.

Link to Photos of Items for Sale

Hats (All are sine 6 1/2)
$35 Shadaloo - Comic Con ver by Triumvir x Estate LA
$15 Broken Halo - By Triumvir
$43 Hadouken! in black - By Estate LA (Released at Comic Con)
$38 Set of 4 Triumvir Hats

Triumvir Clothing - All Size LARGE
$80 Psycho Brigade Vest/Jacket
$16 Shadaloo T-Shirt in Black
$11 Dhalsim Shirt
$16 Atmos NYC Shirt
All other tees not listed are $7 each.

$28 Street Fighter Monopoly New, Unopened

Thanks for looking.


All shirt sizes are LARGE. Thanks for pointing that out.

would like to get the dhalsim and shadaloo shirt but my size is XL. GLWS

PM’d for shadaloo gear.