FS: Two Astro City Candy Cabs (Norcal)




good luck


I want it soooooooo bad…

such a good price

but If i buy these I cant go to college next semester

I think I’ll cry now, gl to the lucky bastard that buys em


wish I was in norcal ,I would be getting these for sure.


Man if only you were selling this last month…Any idea how much is the shipping to Olympia, WA for both? You willing to do a 13 hour drive haha? Do you have ST CPS2?


Ahhhhhhhhh. NorCal. I live in So Cal. But I couldn’t buy it now. Have to wait a month to save up for this. Maybe.


you can try uship.com for shipping. I don’t have ST. I have MvC, SFA2 (jp), SFA3. SFA3 is phoenixed. If you want any of those make a offer.


I wish I still lived in CA. great prices. gl with your sale! :slight_smile:




Hey Fusion I left a voicemail for you. I can come by today if you’re around. I didn’t have time to make it down there yesterday.
Your PM box is full BTW.


Thanks for the sale Fusion! Glad we got it to fit in my car and actually made it all the way home safely. That was quite a leap of faith on my part but I’m happy to say we did a good job tying that sucker down. Good luck on selling the other cab. BTW, just wanted to ask you: how much would you want for Alpha 2 and/or 3?

P.S. here it is in my garage! woo hoo!


damn baller$$$, where’d you pick these up? i was in the market for one a few years back.


There are a few people who import the cabinets, and 600 for an Astro INSIDE the US is a steal. Shipping from asia is expensive!

best of luck selling off the second one!


You should of came over bro I had marvel at one point but now it’s gone.


BTW if anybody is interested in a restored Super Neo 29 I’ll have one up for sale a few weeks.


good luck with the sale of the new astro city

if i have enough cash after xmas i may be interested


Hey Fusion I have a quick other question for you. I saw your sale post on NG.com and you mentioned the v-pos control doesn’t work on the cab you sold me. It because its not hooked up or something or is the control itself busted? For the most part the image is very well centered but I notice the top of the image is a little cut off. Just wanted to know if you had ever noticed that or tried to adjust it, and if the v-pos controls are something that can be fixed.

Thanks buddy.


I would be interested in The Neo 29 if the price was right. It may take a while to get the funds…