FS: Udon's Art of Capcom book - Hardcover and Signed!

Some info here:

I bought this at Anime Expo coz they were down to their last 12 on sunday morning (out of the 100 they brought with them to the con). It’s dope but in retrospect I am not really the artbook kind of guy… the Eternal Challenge book, that’s a dope book tho!!

It’s hardcover edition, which is exclusively sold at conventions and limited to only 500 versions. Anime Expo was the book’s debut and only 100 of them were sold.

The inside cover was signed by 3 of the Udon dudes. I am sorry as I do not recognize any of the names except for the one on the top which is Omar Dogan (becoz he was giving inspirational speeches about drawing as more than a hobby and stuff!)

the book is about 300+ pages, is divided into different sections for street fighter, darkstalkers, Rival Schools, and General Capcom (I think…). Also the last section italks about the process in making the art, from initial sketching to computer make-up all all that.

It’s in excellent like new condition. It was taken out of the bag for signatures obviously, and I paged thru it only twice, which is how I took pictures of it.

The retail of this book is $80, and if their website sold a signed version it may go for $130. Those versions are paperback tho as hardcovers are only con exclusive.

I am asking for $100 shipped.

I have never sold anything here before, but I gotta 100% feedback on both cheapassgamer (5) and ebay (155)


lastly, a massive amount of pics (sorry for any bad quality, these were taken with my phone and I am far from the best photographer):


signatures in the inner front cover:


drop me a PM if you are interested. If you need more info let me know.

thanks!! ^_^v

sweet, i’ll have to try and remember to grab one of those at comic-con this year. thanks for the pics btw!

too awesome.

I saw that book and would have bought it but I didn’t want to spend another 80 bucks on an art book but the cover and artwork is amazing.

sp tempting to add to my collection of crap…

Wow, I didn’t know they did art of Tron

Very tempting.

pm sent

Why couldn’t Eternal Challenge be like this?

Sorry I couldnt get back to you yesterday. Check your pms sambao!