FS: Unused Seimitsu parts, Sanwa accessories

FS: Unused Seimitsu parts, Sanwa accessories (ALL SOLD)

I went in on a group order a while ago, bought over $300 worth of shit and it’s all just been sitting here unused since VGO never came through on my order for some sticks. Don’t bother ordering from them, held my money for like 2 months until I finally got a refund.

Anyways I’ve got: (plus shipping)


(24mm buttons not for sale)

I can take non credit card funded PayPal* or money orders. I’ll accept a personal check if you’re willing to wait for it to clear before shipment, or concealed cash if you trust the postal service that much. PayPal is preferred though, because it makes it much easier for me to keep everything organized and print shipping labels so I don’t have to wait in line at the PO.

*Non credit card PayPal comes either:

  1. From a tied bank account
  2. From PayPal funds already in the account
    E-checks must clear before shipment

I ship by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Bubble tops, mounting plates, and angular guides can be first classed for $1-2. Insurance is an extra $1.65 if you really think you’ll need it, but I can’t be responsible for lost/damaged mail without it, sorry.

I have a tiny bit of feedback on:
My heatware:
Old (retired and inactive)
Link like it’s worth a damn

E-mail: shytfacedgremlin@ netscape.net (remove space), PM is the best way to get in touch with me, don’t e-mail my SRK addy I only used it to register, never check it. If you e-mail my heatware address please inform me, cause I never check that one either.

Temporary posting, I’ll be using this space to update everyone’s order status

1x set PS-14-K purple + 1 purple ball top + 1 pink ball top SOLD to Multi
Shipped: 420 77840 9101 1501 3471 1914 0454 67

1x set PS-14-K clear + 2x clear ball tops + 3x GT-Y SOLD to urth
Shipped: 9101 1501 3471 1916 9933 60

1x set PS-14-K blue + 1 blue ball top + 1 purple ball top SOLD to zombie cpt
Shipped: 420 94578 9101 7850 9140 1215 8306 94

1x set PS-14-G black snap ins SOLD to weak sauc3
Shipped: 420 02145 9101 7850 9140 1215 8377 78

1x set PS-14-P white + 1 clear ball top SOLD @ neo-geo
1x set PS-14-P blue + blue ball top SOLD @ neo-geo
1x set PS-14-P purple + purple ball top SOLD @ neo-geo
3x 8YS s-shaped mounting plates SOLD @ neo-geo

1 GT-Y SOLD to shoo

!(?_?)! is first in line for 1 pink ball top

Galdaien is second in line for 1 blue ball top

Deathscythe third in line for 1 blue ball top

Button_m4sh fourth in line for 1 blue ball top

i’ll take all PS-14-K buttons.

pm me info please (im at work will pay when i get home like 6 hours time)

how much more would shipping be to the UK?

I’m limiting it to 1 set per person, sorry man. Shipping to the UK probably isn’t worth your while on just 1 set, but lmk if you’re still interested and I’ll get you a quote.

Digicam is charging at the moment, as soon as it’s done I’ll be posting pics for you guys.

shipping should’nt be too much buttons are very light i’d say extra $10 should be ok

but could you do my favor let me have 3 sets, im in real need (i’ll leave you good feedback :wgrin:)

if not its cool

One set of purple ps-14-k and purple bubble top please! :smiley:

actually add a pink bubble top to that too. I can pay as soon as you confirm :slight_smile:

Can i get:

6x PS-14-K Clear
2x LB-39 Clear
3x GT-Y angular guides

zipcode is 11754 to help with shipping.

Sorry, no can do on the 3x set DH, but PM me if you still want one of the remaining sets. There may be a group order coming up, check the trading outlet.

Updated the thread with remaining parts, if you’ve already posted that’s fine, but anyone else please PM me as well cause I notice those at first glance.

can i get one GTY one clear bubble top and clear blue bubble top?

shoo, if the remaining buttons are sold and nobody claims those you’re first in line for the ‘leftovers’.

1x LB-39 Clear $4 ea

I’ll take a one of those in blue. Or would I be in Shoo’s position in terms of leftovers?

Definitely interested in the pink bubble top. Is it $4 shipped?

1x LB-39 Blue
any left?

Ok, posts updated, the first post is showing parts I still have available to anybody that buys a button set (and therefore gets priority).

But some of it may already be spoken for even if it doesn’t get sold with a set of buttons, the 2nd post shows who’s where in line in that case, and is currently up to date as of this post.

Deathscythe, you’re 3rd in line for a blue ball top, same situation as shoo

!(?_?)!, everything has an added shipping charge, but a bubble top I can first class for no more than $2, I could probably get away with $1.

Button_m4sh, it’s pretty unlikely I’ll have any blues left over, but I went ahead and put you in line.

To everyone that was interested in parts but was unable to get what they wanted, check with paper tiger. He’s thinking about organizing a group order and the more people that show interest, the more likely it’ll go down. Link

so long as 8x PS-14-G black snap-ins will fit inside a HRAP2/HRAP1, I’m more than willing to purchase them. I’m going nuts looking for black sanwa/seimitsu buttons, and so long as those snap ins fit HRAPs, I’d like them.

Yep they fit.

Everyone who has already paid for their stuff should have a dc # now.

urth, I know you haven’t gotten my PM yet, but I’m sure as soon you do you’ll have your order paid for, doubt you’ll get it within the next hour or so for me to be able to mail it today though, so maybe tomorrow.

Tron Li, yhpm

You still have a clear LB-39 for sale?

Pryo, I highly doubt I’ll have a clear top left available for you sorry.

Purple pearl set is back up for sale since tron li never got back to me.

I may be interested in the blue pearl set if i’m allowed a second go at it :B

Especially since it’s been a while and most people have had a chance to decide if they want them :frowning: I don’t even want the blue bubble that everybody seems to want so that won’t piss people off :slight_smile: