FS: *Update New Samples Mar.16* Purpl3Grimac3 Designs Fight Stick Art


My name is purplegrimace and I specialize in making your fight stick art dreams come true. From TE sticks to HRAP I can pretty much make art for them all. Ive done work for casual players and tournament players such as :

]P. Gorath
My rates is as follows
]HRAP // Madcatz SE // Agetec // VSHG = 10$+tax
[]All Madcatz TE // SfxTk v.s. & Pro = 13$+tax
]Dustwashers = 4$+tax
I do not do the printing I will direct you to Tek innovations





Now to play the waiting game !


I am interested pm me with more details plz


Hello PurpleGrimace,

I’m looking for Faye Valentine Madcatz SE Art to be made,

Can you inbox me at your nearest convenience.


Updated Post#1 new samples added ! :slight_smile:


Color me interested. If your turnaround time is relatively quick, I’ll want art from you for my Voltech. I’d say that’s in the category of the TE prices. Let me know.


Yes this guy is pretty quick thay plastic man was done for me in about a day. Good stuff though real good stuff.


Update Mar.11 new samples =^_^=


Highly Recommended.

Personable, Correct & Fast.


I only have 1 issue with your work, its amazing but in a couple of the samples characters faces are gonne get cut out or covered


Hmm didnt even notice that but its true, low joystick awareness. Mine has faye on the other side so I didn’t care much I’m using clear buttons. Still really great work, minor detail really.


Yea the joystick thing yea I must admit it true. But as far as the buttons I believe the people that dont have tranparents I work around it as seen in the first sample. Other who do I do as I wish. Also how it goes I show everyone how its gonna look before I receive payment. If their desire is to not cover up a piece of the art with the joystick Im happy to change. No one has said anything yet oddly ^_^;

edit: every sample aside from sample 1&5 I believe has said they have transparent buttons.


those are some pimp samples! Now I have to mastermind something for you to do,eh?!


I love a challenge man :slight_smile:


Update Mar.15 New Sample! :slight_smile:


Damn i’m gonna need to keep an eye on this thread.


Update Mar.16 New Sample :slight_smile:


Damn that new is real nice.


I think I’m gonna have to hit you up for my new VAS 22.