FS: UPDATE: NEW STUFF. PCBs, happ case, phone, more to come. PRICE DROPPED

Hey, cleaning some stuff out. prices are SHIPPED. shipping is next day (usually). paypal only. usa buyers only. I’m not shippinng out of the country. make me an offer if you don’t like the price.

the plexi is NOT green, it’s clear. the green is the protective sticker that’s on the plexi.










happ/iL case with plexi, neutrik rj45 panel mount and 1 RJ45 cable connector
looks like this but black.
velix layout. No joystick or buttons included.
$35 shipped. obo

SF animated movie dvd: This was a blockbuster copy. slight scratches. two sided, japanese and eng side.



$7 shipped.







samsung gravity 2 small scratch that I tried to take in the photo, but didn’t come out well. besides the scratch, everything else is in great condition. comes with everything plus car charger and case.

$110 shipped.




xbox 360 wireless pcb.


that’s all for now. more to come. i’m sure.

price drop

price dropped

PM sent

PM’d on Collectors Edition & Agetec PCB

pm sent for hacked psx pcb

payment sent for the ps2 & guilty gear games

payment sent for hacked pad

PM sent for neo pad.

payment sent for unhacked psx and agetec pcb.

Also, is it $40 for the saturn pad and both project boxes? If so, what pcbs are you using in the boxes?

Payment sent for Neo pad

I use only the best. dualshock 1. ascii optical pcb for the dreamcast, and saitek usb controller. this is probably the best deal out of everything I sell. I used to sell these for $120 for just the ps2 and usb pcb. I was the first one to hack the saturn pad, afaik, and the job was done VERY clean. I soldered on to the small points of the pcb to and glue it BUT nothing gets in the way of the rubber pad. unlike the tutorial that I see, the pcb was hacked on the directions/buttons where the rubber meets the pcb which IMO a crap way to go. it’s like wakling with sands in your shoes, yeah you can do it, but it’s annoying and not the same. that’s why this is a REALLY good deal. everyone says how the saturn pad is the best pad, well here’s a saturn pad hacked, not a remake for ps2 or pc, the original. not to mention, this thing is future proof. just hack a pcb on and you’re set for future consoles. if you think about getting each controller, it’s $10 each, and these are already hacked!

and yeah, 40 for BOTH

alright i’ll take it, just give me the ok it’s still available


payment sent

bump new stuff

price dropped on the box

Would you do sf4 for 20?

sorry. I think it’s not worth it for me to sell it that cheap. the soundtrack and the dvd alone is worth at least 15 for me, so the game at least $10, not to mention the guide. the figurine, I could careless, but it goes with the game. and shipping… seriously, if you like SF4, this, plus SS4 and your collection is complete.

if the animated still plays correctly I’ll buy it from ya, but that scratch looks pretty nasty