FS [US-CA] Custom Arcade Sticks or Control Panels

Hello. I am new to this forum. Here is a link to a few sticks I have made.

Please note: [COLOR=“Yellow”]We do not do graphic design of any sort. There are plenty of seriously talented artists here who I’m sure can help you out if you ask.[/COLOR]

Here are some sticks that are currently available.



These two will feature superbright leds illuminating the underside of the box. so there will be a glow eminating from the underside. I have not yet wired the pcb so you can still choose, USB PC, Xbox, etc.

Prices range from $150-$230 depending on complexity

Email us at TMOgaming@yahoo.com if you are interested or have any questions.



My rates are negotiable and fair. I’m not looking to get rich off this, I have a job. I just like doing this and I need to make enough money to cover my costs and justify the time to my wife.

I can build a blank 4 player blank panel, routed for trackball and top mounted sticks with plexiglass top and formica on the box, no parts, no art for $140

I can build a blank mini fighter stick with plexi for $80 primered or $100 painted and clear coated.

With parts and art you pay the extra costs for the parts and their shipping. With wiring you pay for my solder, wire, QD’s, wire terminals, wire ties, etc

oh and shipping is extra.

Looks dope, I am very interested in buying a stick from you. I will PM you with the details later.

EDIT: I do have one question, what are the dimensions of that stick? Also, I’m just here to show my interest but I’m not making any promises yet, if that makes any sense :wgrin:


The outside of the box is: 14" x 9" x 3.25" tall

The control panel top is: 10.75" x 7.25"

These sticks were a bit on the big side.

Dont worry there are lots of builders out there and I will be around for a long while. Let me know if you want links to my previous build threads.

Thanks for your interest, Tim

Hey Timoe, i think your inbox is full. It wont let me pm you.

Sorry, my bad. It is fixed now.

We are in the process of ‘goin legit’. We’re organizing our paperwork, contact info, methods, etc. Once completed we will post a proper announcement thread.

This thread may have been premature. Either way we have generated a lot of business very quickly.

For that, we thank you.

Here is a note about what we do.

Our sticks look as good on the inside as they do on the outside. Our wiring is top notch as is our pad hacking skill. In fact our ‘guts’ look so solid, we use clear 1/4" plexiglass on the bottom of our sticks to showcase this.

We use mechanically fastened (screw on) no slip rubber feet on the bottoms of our sticks. They will not peel off like the stick-on feet. They will not wear away or peel back like felt. They look tight and they are still so small as to not be noticed if the stick is in your lap.

We use PLEXIGLASS acrylic, NOT Lexan. for our control panel tops. Sure Lexan is easy to work with and plexiglass will crack if you drill it wrong. But Lexan scratches very easily plexiglass does not.

Our box construction uses no screws or nails. We use only dowels and glue, making strong joints.

We offer not just single player sticks but formica laminated 2 and 4 player arcade sticks.

As soon as we clear our current work load, we will reveal a new single player stick body type that is not offered elsewhere.


TMO Gaming

How much for just a box like this? Just price checking for future reference, I can’t afford one right now. BEAUTIFUL craftsmanship.


A blank stick with plexi top and bottom, primed and painted one color with clear coat goes for about $100 plus shipping. Plus or minus depending on custom options.

Send us an email at TMOgaming@yahoo.com if you are interested or have any questions. We just received some Walnut, Red Oak and Poplar stock in so there should be some interesting projects in the next few months.


Here is a diagram showing how our boxes are built using dowels and glue. This technique produces a rigid, square, tough box.


Each of our sticks is cut to perfection inside and out. The image below is an unsanded box.


We use hardwood in the four corners for the feet mounting instead of MDF so the screw holes never wear out after repeated use.


Finished Panels
White Stick - Pink Buttons


Black & Blue Stick

**Our standard sticks are built for Sanwa 30mm screw in style buttons on the top with (2) 24mm screw in style buttons on the back. They are also built for the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick with the flat mounting plate. We will offer a Seimitsu LS-32 option soon. We have templates for all Happ controls now.

Most of our recent orders have been for blank sticks with no art, no encoders and no controls. We would be happy to print and install your art for you. We have not had an order for a wired stick yet which is unfortunate. I have not seen another panel with wiring that looks like ours so we will post pics when we get them.**

Nice sticks Timoe I like your design. They look very sturdy and carefully built

Thank you, but the design is certainly not mine. I just made some personal changes with my style.

We do plan on unveiling an original design soon. Once the orders slow down a little bit

Good News - These panels fit perfectly into a flat rate box with plenty of room for padding!


really nice sticks, those angles make me jealous. Good luck here at SRK.

Precision Custom Sanwa Stick - ready now 5-23-07

Here is one, new, blank, custom sanwa stick. It is primered and sanded. Ready for paint.

It features a clear 1/4" bottom panel made from plexiglass. The top is covered with 1/8" plexiglass and it has a slight round over bevel around the top perimeter so it feels smooth on your wrist.

The screws that hold down the plexi on top are countersunk black decorative screws. The bottom panel is secured with black rubber, no slip feet.

It is drilled and routered for (6) screw in style 30mm buttons on the top and (2) recessed screw in style 24mm buttons on the back. It also includes the mounting hardware for your Sanwa JLF stick.

This is a precision made, slim design, ready **for you to add **a can of spray paint, your parts and art.

$100 includes priority shipping. We can ship tomorrow.


Email us at tmogaming@yahoo.com
first response takes it home

PM sent :tup:

PM sent.

Wow i like very much your work, so i have one cuestion do you ship to Mexico City?!

We have not yet shipped to Mexico but we are not afraid to.

how much is the shipping cost to mexico?

Anyone from mexico ever order a panel from the US?