FS: US/JP ps2 + ff7 and rival schools


us ps2 w/ controller/cables/mem card : $60 + $22 shipping or free local pick up
(used for maybe 2 months tops before my senior year of college started)

jp ps2 w/ controller cables : SOLD
(used for my competitive run in sc2, which lasted 3 months or so, Been sitting in my room since.)


ff7 (Black Label) : $65 + $6 shipping or free local pick up

Rival Schools : $45 + $6 shipping or free local pick up

US T5(Not greatest hits) : $15 + $6 shipping or free local pick up
US Guilty Gear x2 : $10 + $6 shipping or free local pick up

JP Soul Calibur 2 : $25 + $6 shipping or free local pick up
JP Tekken 4 : $15 + $6 shipping or free local pick up

*All the games have no scratches. consoles will be tested one last time before they are shipped.

Payment: PAYPAL ONLY, no checks etc.

No low Ballers please.
Once I get my camera back from my sis I’ll take some pics.

  • uploaded the pics of the ps2s, my sis messed with the cam settings so excuse the fuzzy images. Once I get all my settings back to normal they’ll look better. I included picture inserts of the back seriel label for reference.

*added ff7 and rs pics

*ups shipping rates were mad different from the phone to when I went to the store to ship the jp ps2. The US ps2 shipping price was changed to reflect that.

pm sent

pm sent for the jap ps2

Pm’s Replied, Sorry for the late reply was away from the pc this weekend.

*Added ps2 pics, working on game pics.

payment sent for jap ps2

bump for seller

Bumpage for slight price change on shipping of the us ps2. still a great price for an impeccable ps2.

bumpage, us ps2 and games still up for grabs.