FS-US Saturn and clear Ps2

Hi, i am in the process of finally unloading the last of my console collection. I will be adding a few more later (Turbo Duo-R, modded Ps2). I will accept Paypal, shipping will be actual cost to buyers location via USPS Priority 2-3 day mail w/delivery confirmation and insurance. I will ship internationally as well (please PM for ship quote). Feed back can be at Shmups.com, Neogeo.com and Ebay under the same username. Thanks

Reasonable offers welcome!

Up for sale is the following-

Boxed modded Sega Saturn complete with paperwork. This system was purchased new by me and has very little use on it. It is in like new condition. The system can play all backups from the same region. Other regions can be played but you will need to patch your games before burning. Included are-

3X Official Sega Saturn controllers (one new style, two older style) in good condition

2X Brand new 6ft extension cables

1x Brand new S-video Cable

1X power cord (not pictured)


Game included-

Pick what you want from the lot, just pay the additional ship. These are leftover games from other Saturn’s i bought in the past. All discs play fine, most have some scratches though. Also i have backups which i will include free, mostly shmups.

I will also include a new battery, asking $135.00 USD

Modded Ps2 with clear shell. This Ps2 has been modded with a Duo 3 Ultra chip. It boots Ps1 and Ps2 games from all regions. The system has been cleaned, laser adjusted and moving parts lubricated. It works great. The only imperfection is a small crack in the back middle of the clear case. This happened because when installing the screw it cracked slightly due to the fact the holes were not tapped. It is minor in my opinion and still looks good. You can also see the disc spinning as well (really cool). I will also include if requested the original black case with all hardware so you can change it back to factory appearance.

Included is-

2X Official Ps2 Dual Shock 2 controllers, one of the controllers has been south paw modified which means the analog sticks are hardwired in reverse. Everything else on the controller works as normal.

2X controller extension cables

1X third party universal component video cable (not pictured)

1X power cord (not pictured)

1X third party 64MB memory card (lots of space)



Asking 135.00

If you have any questions feel free to ask


PM replied

Ho damn, lawnspic, that’s an incredible PlayStation 2 you’ve got right there! I wish I could afford it personally! You can’t get a much better deal than $135.00 plus shipping for a mod chip’d PS2 with so many crazy extras! Out of curiosity, what model number is that PS2? It looks like a SCPH-50000 series model, but I could be way off here.

Ps2 system is on hold

@Ikagi-chan, it is a V7 Ps2, yeah i really want to move the last few modded systems i own as they are difficult to sell elsewhere

Aha! Good stuff man. The SCPH-30000 series is great. Definitely the most reliable of all the PS2’s revisions if you ask me. It’s a shame that my old one broke due to a burned out laser and failing DVD drive door. I had to replace it with a 50000 series model, which works just peachy, but I’m always on my toes with this one since the lasers on the 50000s aren’t as robust as the ones on the 30000s. :xeye:

I’ll definitely be checking back here; I know more than a few friends who’d be interested in a mod chip’d PS2. :tup:

SRK does not tolerate the sale of mod chips.