FS: Used 30 GB iPod

Upgrading to a Zune, so I’m trying to get rid of this. ;]

Up for sale is a 30GB iPod video. It is the first version of the iPod video that came out, not sure what Gen it is though.

Also, it doesn’t charge in the computer. It’s a battery issue as I was told from Apple but I never got it fixed as my warranty was up by then. If you can fix it, kudos to you. I’ve just never tried. ^^

I’ve been charging it using a wall charger for a while now. It also charges in my dock, but idk if it’ll charge in yours. I always roll with a full battery ;]

Pretty good condition. Barely any scratches on the screen. Honestly the only wear the exterior got was when I first purchased it an I didn’t have a case. It’s been in a case ever since then, though.

Looking for $90 shipped to your location in the USA. Additional shipping may apply if you are an international buyer.

The iPod includes:

  • iPod Video 30GB
    - Used, agent18 transparent plastic case [mine didn’t come with that stand btw
  • 1st party iPod earbuds [if you want them lol]
  • Wall charger
  • USB cord
  • original box + manuals
  • plastic iPod dock peice thing [never knew what it was for, but I still have it :rofl:]
  • Outdated iTunes CD :rofl:



PM sent.