FS: used CHUN-LI custom stick



Thank you…


nvm, I get it.

Oh…well ill put it on both…:sweat:

Heres some better pics…






Bump $150shipped

yo if you can wait till this monday comming up i’ll send u the money. I WANT TO BUY THAT STICK… check your messages

do you ship to canada? is it possible to replace the bat top with a ball top instead if so im very interested and will pay extra if needed


I just can’t stop looking at it.


Is this still on hold? If not how used is it (like heavily used, slightly used, played only a few times, etc.)?

you can get i evilsamurai i got these damn bills to pay…I’ll just wait


$120 (needs to go)**

hey im really interested in the stick, and i got the money so jus hit me back asap, i sent u a pm.

I sent you a pm about the stick.

EDIT: Oh and I am really interested in the stick too, and can pay you pretty much asap. So if things with NamyNam don’t go through, I am interested.

PM’s sent back

PM sent to pyro_dragun

I got your PM, and replied. Oh one question I forgot to ask is who you are going to ship it with? I need to make sure I can somehow get the stick when it is delivered.

Oh, and could you also tell me where the nicks are? I can’t tell from the pics.

I will be shipping usps…

the nicks are here…and one on the bottom


Ok cool. I think I am pretty much ready to buy. Sent PMs back.

Check your PM, payment sent.