FS: Used PsP games & Joysticks

first up is a Pelican Real Arcade Universal Joystick modded with happ IL/ Competition Joystick and six Competition buttons. Two are yenox buttons(L1,L2) all are in top working condition. This joystick is universal for playstation2, gamecube, and xbox

**Pelican Real Arcade ** SOLD!

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max(PsP) auction SOLD!


Used Sagat & Ryu Custom $80+shipping
Happ Competition stick & Competition buttons
Black with Clear coat finish, on mdf wood
Playstation Dual-shock PCB
control panel is 12x7.5
case is: 13x7.5x4
More Pics: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v237/Silverdoggg/SFVI%20Happ/

thats a great happ stick its at a great price. somebody buy.

PM’d about that pelican

Great prices. Hope they get sold!

rply sent, thanks for the complements fellas.


pm sent

received and replied

sagat stick dimensions and more pics added