FS: Vanilla TE Stick / SSF4 TE:S Stick But with some problems


I got a Vanilla TE Stick thats up for sale, But has a couple of problems.

(Both sticks are for 360)

Vanilla SF4 TE: $60

Vanilla TE problems.

[S]new - When holding up-foward, sometimes it locks up and does not respond.[/S]

[S]-Some of the buttons does not respond that well anymore, specifically X and RB.[/S]

[S]- Pulled out the spring on the joystick to make it a little stiffer.[/S]

[S]So im not sure if theres something wrong with the PCB, Quick Disconnects, or the buttons itself. [/S]VANILLA TE: SOLD

[S]The SSF4 TE:S has the same problem with buttons not responding that well anymore, but has ONE big problem: When you plug in the stick, itll power up, but any slight movement from the stick / usb and itll turn off and you’d have to replug / fiddle with the wire to have it stable. Best way i found is to put it on a flat box or something where it wont move. The spring on the joystick has not been touched / stretched out. [/S]SSF4 TE:S: SOLD!

The sticks are in working condition (somewhat), but i would not use it in tournaments. Reason why im selling these sticks are because i do not have the time / patients to get them back in perfect working condition. These sticks are perfect for project sticks, want the guts, or just the case itself.

Only doing LOCAL PICK UPS / meet up around Los Angeles or Near Pasadena.

Edited: Sold SSF4:TE S. ; Added problem to Vanilla TE


great deal.


can you try testing out different QD’s to a button on the TE? Also would you be willing to sell one of the PBC’s by itself?


Yeah. I tried testing different QD’s and it would come back again. It could probably just be the QD’s wearing out, or something in the pcb. I really didnt do a thorough test. And no im not willing to sell the pcb itself, as i dont know how to strip them apart, so im selling them as a whole.


do you know which version the PCB is? REV A or B?


No i dont. how would i know and where it says which PCB rev it is?


It should be on the Main PCB, not the terminal/guide pcb where the QDs and turbo panel is. Try removing the screws and looking around on it, it should be printed somewhere there.


sounds like the pcb in both are dying.
as well as teh USB cord on the second one being bad.

even then, this is a great deal for 2x sticks.


U still got these bad boys? How much is shipping to 92865 for one ?
Pm me we could work something out if I take both. Can u send me pictures? Thanks!


Bump, for added problem on the vanilla TE


Both items has been sold. Please mark / delete thread