FS: Various Arcade Game Posters, Movelists, Japanese PS2 Games

I accept PayPal. Shipping is included for the US. More pics available on request.


$7 - Guilty Gear http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q131/tsukihimeblood/IMG_0953.jpg

$7 - Capcom Fighting Jam http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q131/tsukihimeblood/IMG_0951.jpg



$5 - Soul Calibur II

$5 - Tekken 3

$5 - Silver Capcom Stickers (6 in stock)

Japanese PS2 Games

$15 - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (Append Disc)

$15 - Guilty Gear XX Slash (SEGA Best)

I’ll take Guilty Gear XXAC.

PM me paypal info.

EDIT- Payment sent

I’ll take the Beatmania IIDX Happy Sky

PM me with your paypal info.

Edit-Just sent you the payment

New stuff added. Bump.

ill take the cvs2 art friday, if possible. Have a big blue capcom id like to throw it on

Yo save me the marvel movelist stuff ya? ^.~

Ill take the 3s instructional, If you can hold it for me, I will pay Tuesday.

Will those arcade movelists fit in a Sega HSS-130?


New Stuff Added.

I’m not sure, I would assume so since they are all standard size.

Can you hold onto that Jojo’s and a capcom sticker for me? I’ll be able to pay in a couple days.

Both capcom stickers have been sold but I can definitely hold the JoJo’s sticker for ya.

Okay, thanks!

awesome. i take 2 stickers for $4. i want that real bout 2 and world heroes jet 2.

Sorry man, just about all of the stickers are gone. I’ll let you know if I’m able to get more though.

I was able to get a bunch more of the big silver Capcom stickers for those that were interested.

can you take money order? willing to go any lower on mushihimesama? i’m not too big on the whole taito the best version :frowning: