FS: Various Controllers


Did some spring cleaning today and found these in a box. I was just going to throw them away but thought I’d offer them up on SRK.

3 PSX Controllers
1 DC Controller

Asking for $15 shipped obo.


PM sent.




Wait did he buy all 4 controllers? If not I’m interested in the Blue DS if that is one and the DC.


The blue one is a 3rd party controller. They all are except for the DC pad. You can tell from the digital pad.


If they’re ALL gone, I have 2 DC controllers (NEW IN BOX) if anyone wants them. Asking 15 shipped OBO.


Interested in one DC controller. How about $7 shipped?


yea, that’s fine.

paypal- fumetsu_cloud@hotmail.com

Thanks, will ship it tomorrow.


I don’t have the money in my account right now. Give me 3 days to get it there.


lol, fine fine.

:edit: you do know you can just pay directly from your bank acount, right? Unless you meant your bank account.


I mean bank account. I’m out of cash and I have problems with Amazon right now.


it’s cool, they won’t be going anywhere for a while. ^_^’