FS: Various Games and what not

Yeah , I was cleaning out my closet the other day and found a bunch I either dont care about anymore or I felt like getting rid of.

  • Im new to the selling thing But yeah , Im gonna post this stuff up for sale.

  • edit PayPal! plzkthnkxbye

  • All Prices are negotioable, gimme a good reason, and your price and maybe Ill consider it.*

  • I will check this thread as ofter as I can

  • If your interested in something send me a PM…

*edit Im checking into shipping costs.
(if you know them let me know so I can make this easier and faster for everyone)

  • If you wants pics of the discs condition let me know.

  • Anything thats not claimed by: Oct 30th , will go to ebay

  • edit Any questions PM me


(Good condition , stickers are a little scrathed off)
MK1: $2
MKII: $2
KI: $5


Shenmue $25 (Mint)


PS1 Controller $3
PS2 Controller $5
Star Ocean $10
ZOE 2nd Runner: $25 (no book)
Gauntlet 7 sorrows: $5
Valkyrie Profile 2 $30 (Only played Twice)
TTT: $20
TS:FP : 15$
VF4:EVO : $10
MGS 3: $5 (no, case)
Genji : Dawn of the samurai $3 (no case)
(Above two arent shown took this pic before I found them.)

GC W/ Three controllers, SSBM and all cords : $75 (lens may need cleaning, cant find memory card. If I find Ill throw it in all at same price.)


FF:CC Guide: $5
Soul Calibur III guide :$5
(not shown,took this pic before I found them.)

PM sent