FS: Various games for various systems

All prices include shipping within the US. PayPal only. I will also consider best offers on multiple games. Just to let you know, all games are complete. The newer games for PS3 are minty while the older system games probably do have some scratches. All games work perfectly.

Assassin’s Creed Limited Edition - Moved to eBay
Resistance - Moved to eBay

Final Fantasy 7 Greatest Hits - Moved to eBay
VERY MINT. I bought it brand new and played the first disc for an hour. I got into FF7 fever with Advent Children coming out but I couldn’t get into the game.

Wii Sports x 2 - Moved to eBay

Gears of War $30 ON HOLD

Street Fighter Anniversary - $10 ON HOLD

Dreamcast (Japan)
Soul Calibur x 2 (one with spine card, one without)
Capcom vs SNK (with spine card)
Virtua Fighter 3tb (with spine card)
All 4 for $20 shipped

Devil May Cry 4 - $30 SOLD
Motorstorm - $15 SOLD
The Simpsons Game - $15 SOLD
Virtua Fighter 5 - $25 SOLD
Guitar Hero 1 with guitar - $30 SOLD
Guitar Hero 2 with guitar - $30 SOLD
Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s - $30 SOLD
All three games plus both guitars - $75 SOLD


I’ll take all three and the guitars.

Most items are sold but I also added a import DC bundle.