FS: Various PS3 Games and magicbox converter Canadian $

All the games are in good condition with no scratches and the prices are in CAD+shipping.

Virtua Fighter 5 - $15

Unreal Tournament III - $15

Blazing Angels - $15

Resistance 1 - $15

Resistance 2 - $40

MGS4 Limited Edition - $45

Magicbox converter - $40

Hey you can get VF5 new for 20 bucks

He’s selling it for 20 CAD, which is roughly 16.

Can I get pictures of VF5 case and underside of disc? And just to clarify, these prices already include shipping?

Shipping is not included and VF is in mint condition. Underside of the disc has no marks whatsoever and lowered the price. Didn’t know it was so cheap now.

I’ll probably pick up the vf5 from you, but I’ll need like a week to gather funds. Kind of low at the moment =P

Lowered prices again and added some stuff.


Please don’t bump your own thread if you’re not adding new items or dropping prices by at least 5%.

i’m fine with following the rules the mods made up but i think this rule is stupid. i’d understand spam bumping multiple times a day is not allowed but imo they should edit this rule. my 2 cents.

Wow that’s a new rule? I doubt a $0.75 price drop is going to make a difference.