FS: Various Street fighter arcade Machines

i am basically offering the mecca of SFII coin ops. they are located in central NJ and are all in perfect working condition. most have had the monitor chassis rebuilt and all have new controls. i put alot of time and effort into them and i can assure you that when you get it home, all you have to do is plug it in and play. i have…

SFII the world warrior. = $650
SFII Champion Edition = $650
SFII Hyper Fighting = $650
Super Street fighter II Turbo = $800
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 = $800
SFIII Third strike (asia version) = $800
SF Alpha 3 = $650

pics can be seen here

i have other cps2/cps1 games that i can swap in and out but only some. anyone is welcome to come and try them out before buying. youll notice 3rd strike is missing the marquee. i do have it but didnt put it in when i took the pic. only the american woodie cabs are for sale. im keeping the candies you see. please contact me with any questions or concerns