FS: Very RARE HRAP SE with box, only 400 of this was made

PS2/PS3 Pcbs all in working order and excellent also.

2 Namco Pcbs, one with Qd’s with cable and other with all the parts.
Price 16 Shipped each.

Price 65 Shipped. Base not included.

TE pcb ps3 sold:
Keychain removed from sale as no one pmed for it.
Ps2 Pcb sold.
Battop sold

Updated items who got sold couple weeks ago.

Also if any srk members pms me and gets late reply from me please have patience as i been busy with life and not go for me lately also.

Bump added new item.

interested in stick sack, local pickup


added pcbs

evo sack sold, Thanks

dual custom stick sold.

Wow i remember when i received the base in the picture lol, the tape still gives me nightmares…
good luck on your sale

bump new item.

Oh wow.
You are selling it.
That is very cool man.

?? ?? ? ???

Oh shit. You didn’t tell me about this meus! I’m interested!

Like a drugdealer to his customers. I’m hooked <3

Holy Shit! Markman you already have a HRAP SE! If Markman doesn’t go through with it i’ll buy it definitely!

Will you ship the pre-hacked ps2 pad to the States for the same price?

sorry i think that pad is pending for friend of mines who wants to have fully TE PS2 stick.

As for ur Q yes.

Ok, if he happens to back out for some reason, I’ll take it.

Pmed u markman but no reply. Guess u dont want the stick thats cool.

Strida will let u know soon

No Problem as i have more in hand.

Give markman some extra time. I’m sure he’s super busy. meus inbox clear. you got pm now.

Thanks jamesepoop!

You’re right (sadly) :frowning: I just replied to your PM now… This week has been hectic with all the travel/meetings I go to.

Are the GX buttons that different?

Will take one in a couple of days. Is this $17 USD and shipped?