FS: Very RARE HRAP SE with box, only 400 of this was made

dammit =(

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are you sure there’s only 400 of these exist? what about the SA version?
checked out Hori’s site but can’t see them mentioning the amount

SA was mass produced compared to the SE. meus is correct, only 400 exist. If you do some searches on this forum, you’ll see the SE version of the HRAP is stupidly rare.

These are super rare. I don’t know the actual numbers, but it feels like there is even fewer than that. Same with the HRAP3:SE and HRAP-EX:SA. :shake:

You could only get those sticks through Japan (and Japan Video Games for a while in the US. They sat on their shipment for a while until they lopped $100 off of it. It was almost as much as what paid after the price cut! Before that, it was priced stupidly above what I paid for export…)

I know paid a bit for my HRAP 3 SE from Akihabarashop.jp …

So do you have anymore hacked PS pcbs?


Still curious.

PM sent. -_-

ignoring people again meus?

I’m guilty of this at times, but I always reply. Still waiting for your reply meus. Hopefully all is well with you.


Markman, I’ve never ever recieved a reply from you. I’ve sent you more than a few PM’s over the last year and a half. I understand though, you’re busy, right? Nah, you’re just a human being. I don’t take it personal, or do I???

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No sorry i havent ignore ppl, just been busy lately and havent spend much time on srk this days. I just come in for quick look then left, but havent ignore ppl since u told me not do.

Mark i have send u reply 2 weeks ago but havent got nothing back from u. So i just stopped replying back, as times u are busy and dont reply back.

No sorry only namco pcbs.

Nob sorry buddy the bat top was available when i pmed u back, and u told me u no longer need. I also totally forgot to move some items from my first post as well.

Sorry for late replies, i mean no disrespect to u. Its something in my fault department from me lol.

Hi meus,

I replied to you on the 11th (your PM was dated on the 9th). I haven’t received a reply to my last PM sent (11th).

Please let me know.

<3 lol. I don’t get a chance to reply to every PM, sorry. :frowning:

So, Markman…

Are you going to buy the HRAP SE meus is selling or what?

You have a number of people sitting on the edges of their seats waiting to see what will happen next —!

Not me… Decided it was a bit too rich for my poor [VERY broke!] blood. To be honest, I’ve got enough Astrocade-style joysticks. (I’ve gotten sick of the cab style which is why I’m selling off some Tekken 5 bases.) I’d sooner mod my Black HRAP 3 for my own purposes than buy another SE-HRAP. (Have the HRAP 3 SE.) Been there, done that!

I’m more of a fan of the Viewlix style cases… Next new joystick will probably be a V3-SA.