FS: VF5 DVDs, JP PS2 games, DS game


I’ll post pics on everything when I get them taken and uploaded. Please post in this thread for dibs, but I will only hold for one day. If you don’t have the money, please don’t call dibs. I’m working a lot right now, but I’ll try to jump on to keep the thread updated with what’s been sold and what’s still here. PayPal is preferred but based on feedback I can do money orders. Thanks for looking!

For sale are two Virtua Fighter 5 DVDs. The first is the SBO '07 volume 4 DVD, which includes a ton of matches on it. Looking for $20 shipped

The second VF5 DVD is from a March 2007 tournament, and has 2 discs worth of really good matches. Looking for $20 shipped.

Get both VF5 DVDs for $35 shipped.

I also have some US and Japanese PS2 games for sale:

  • US Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. Complete with case and manual. $25 shipped.

  • US Capcom Fighting Evolution. Complete with case and manual. $7 shipped or both Anniversary Collection and CFE for $30 shipped.

  • JPN SFIII: Third Strike. Complete with case and manual. Near mint condition. $20 shipped.

  • JPN Panzer Dragoon. Complete with case and manual. Mint condition. $17 shipped.

Also for sale is the DS game Contact, complete with box, manual and all the inserts it originally came with. $15 shipped.

I’ll update this post with new information.
Thanks for looking!