FS Virtua FIghter 5 Japanese Blackbook

i have an extra hardly used or opened Virtua Fighter 5 black book

dvd is detached but still in perfect condition only played once.

im looking for 60 shipped OBO

less if youre local

all japanese etc etc.

pm me

Black book?
So like… you get sara’s and pai’s phone number or something?


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hey, im incredibly new to these forums… i just heard that your going to evo, and i wish u the best of luck :stuck_out_tongue: <3 Liquid

WOW, that’s kind of on the expensive side. You can get it cheaper buying it directly from japan.

who are you?

it is but youd have to wait for it to come all the way from japan

with me youd get it 2 - 3 days max

i waited 12 days to get mine

plus it does say OBO

no one? 0_o?

bump pics added

Bump. If I wasen’t broke at the moment I would definetly get this. If its still up for sale in two weeks I’ll buy this then.

You can get this for around 20 bucks at a local kinokuniya store, AND Ver. C is out. This book covers Ver. B.

I’ll offer 20 since that’s all I got right now, if not, then kinokuniya it is

tell me more about this store 0_0*