FS virtua stick pro case/ new net city

I have a gutted virtua stick pro case and a brand new sega new net city panel up for sale. It was very hard for me to get these items but now im selling them becuase i’ll never have anyone over to use this thing and frankly im tired of looking at it.
so virtua stick pro case is the metal bottom and plastic casing**(1player blast panel not included)**

100.00 shipped for the case

Do you still have the case?

i’ll take the case!

Well since I asked first will you sell the case to me?

… this might turn into an ebay auction … :confused::bluu:

I guess we’ll see if he has it first.


Did either of you want the case still?

sorry, i thought you were selling the “case” as in the whole thing. When you posted the picture with the panel included i was gonna purchase that. Shoulda posted the empty case for what you’re sellin so not to throw off anyone.

I’ll get it from you, please save it for me. Hit me up on either AIM or PM.

Pm Sent.