FS: VSHG still in box hardly used mint, MVC TE stick

Up for sale is the legendary Virtua Stick High Grade for PS3 from SEGA! I imported this baby directly from Japan brand spanking new. It is revision-S, and I have had no input issues whatsoever. It was lightly used for a few days, then stored away in my bedroom closet. Sooooo nice and near mint condition. $160 w/shipping included already–ON HOLD FOR ESPERELEZ UNTIL FRIDAY

Also selling a used Marvel TE stick. This was my regular stick but need money so selling it for $85 w/shipping included.

Need money!! lol my loss your gain paypal only

which version of VSHG is that?

updated with new info

pics added

PM Sent for the VSHG!

PM’ing about the te.

increasing post count…

Payment sent for the VSHG! Thanks!! :woot:

have u sold ur mvc te?

Sent you another PM. :wink:

I’m not buying the joystick since I have two of them, but one thing is unclear from the MVC 2 photo
– is it the PS3 or XBox 360 version??

The low light obscures the home button and you can’t really tell which version it is.

Just thought I’d say something while I’m browsing through threads.

The MVC stick an xbox 360 type. That’s an xbox guide button and the button labels are x,y,a,b, etc.

VSHG received! Feedback left! Thanks! :woot: