FS: White Nintendo DS Lite

Selling a White DS Lite (from launch). Has Hori Screen Protectors on both screens, which I believe are the best screen protectors on the market. Screens are not the yellowish kind from the newer DS Lites. The plastic on the left hinge did break, but this doesn’t affect it much since there are wires passing through on that side, preventing it from coming apart. System works great.

Here are the pics.
1 - Here you can see the cracked hinge. The front part came completely off, but there are wires inside that prevent you from separating it. It won’t fall apart when you open it because of the wires, and it still stays upright in the angled position, unlike some other DS’s with cracked hinges.
2 - I can remove the FFIII sticker if you want.
3 - Its hard to tell, but there is a little dirt in the corners. I guess it gets trapped in there. I don’t think its a big deal, but I figure I’d point it out.
4 - I’m keeping the yellow stylus, so I’ll replace it with the original white one. Sorry! And instead of a GBA game, the cover for the slot will be there.
5 - The system powered off. The bottom screen looks scratched but its just a few marks on the screen protector since I just wiped it off.
6 - As you can see, the screens are fine. No bad pixels, the better (non-yellowish) screens.
7 - This is as far as I can separate the top half. Just showing you that it still functions fine and won’t fall apart when opened.
8 - Games are running fine as well.

A couple of things:

  • If I can find the original box, I’ll throw this in there
  • the charger I’m sending will be a third-party one that I picked up when I misplaced my original charger. Works fine, the outlet prongs just don’t fold in like the original charger.
  • The system right now has the HORI screen protectors on them (on both screens).
  • FF III DS Vinyl sticker that’s attached to the front is starting to yellow a little. I can remove the sticker if necessary.

Looking for about $80 shipped or best offer. My last resort is the $70 trade-in promo at Gamestop, but I’d rather not :-(.


Yes, there are.

Sold locally. Lock please, mod. And screw whoever negged me for this.