FS: Wii + Wii acc/games


I’m looking to sell My wii and some other stuff that’s just sitting around collecting dust.

I haven’t took any pictures yet but I will upon request with no problem.
All prices have paypal 4% and shipping already included.

Slightly used Nintendo wii 2.2 firmware w/ 2gb sd card - 200
It’s pretty much in pristine condition with everything included.

Wii Hori arcade stick - $40
Only been used a handful of times. It’s in perfect condition with no button sticking or any faggotry, and i still have the original box and everything.

**Wii nunchuck - $25 **
Again, only used about 5 times max. Everything is perfect. No original packaging though.

Legend of zelda: Twilight Princess - $35
Bought it used from Gamestop but still in perfect condition. This game still goes for 50 dollars at every store for some odd reason. ; ]

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl - 35 shipped
Really fun game. No visible scratches

MLB Power Pro’s - $10
Pretty fun game.

2 Silver GameCube controls - $20 each
Kind of still hard to find these. No button sticking or anything.

Again, Pictures taken of everything upon request. You could also check my feedback in the SRK feedback section.


Not to rain on your parade but there’s a thread for selling Wii’s. Also, Post a price for your wii. You can’t just say taking offers.


I realize that, but i thought it would be unneccesary to make a post there and then start another thread for random Wii items.



just put it in there please. its stickied. you can put games in there also because I’m sure people buying a Wii want games too