FS: Wired XBOX 360 Custom

Hey All,

I am selling a custom Xbox 360 Stick made by Travis from Axis Customs. The stick is brand new, only played 3 or 4 times (not heavily, just short test games). I bought it a bit hastily and decided that I need some money for a few other things instead. The original artwork had my gamertag on it so I changed it out to a sol guilty gear theme.

The stick is a JLF with octagonal gate and semitsu clear ball top. The buttons are semitsu clear screw-ins. Just under the buttons are 2 blue LEDs that light when the rumble goes off.

The case is made of lacewood with purple heart keys in the corners. It has a clear coat on it and is not stained at all. The look of the wood has to be seen to be believed.


(My feedback http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=149964)

Please PM me if interested. Thanks

No interest? I’m not marking the stick up at all, just getting back what I paid.

If it were a jpn layout I would’ve definitely got it. Too used to that layout to want anything else.

I play both personally but do prefer american. :slight_smile:

The stick is gone. Please close this thread. Thank You Mods.