FS: Wireless Adapter (XBOX360) - SOLD


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Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter - SOLD
Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 - SOLD
Dark Sector - SOLD

What about cvs2 :sad::sad::sad::sad: :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad: :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:?

paypal sent

I really want that Wireless Adapter any chance of a super low price?

Send me a PM or email of your shipping address. Also include your name so I can match it up with the paypal transaction.

$65 shipped is pretty good compared to the retail price of $100 plus tax.
If I sold it for a super low price, then I might as well just trade it in at Gamestop.

Bump. Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 has sold.

Xbox 360 wireless adapter is still available.

Coming soon for sale: Dark Sector (xbox).
Will be listed on sale after I get 2 more achievements - almost done.
Estimated price: $45 shipped.

Item sent 2 days ago.

Check your email. I sent you pics of Mailing Confirmation and Mail Insurance Tickets.

thanks mate. just received rainbow 6 in the mail. perfect condition like u said but i have one question. was there 2 dvd’s originally in the game? just wondering cause the case has 2 dvd slots and i only got 1. let me know.

I put the RSV2 Game disc inside the case. I put the 2nd disc in the envelope, but outside the case (both didn’t fit in the pocket slot). The 2nd disc is just a preview to tom clancy’s upcoming game End War.

lol glad i asked…i had to dig in the trash to find the other disc in the envelope. Thanks bro! was super quick delivery.

:rofl: I had sent you pics of the package via email - and it showed 2 discs ! :rofl:

Anyways, here’s a vid that you might find interesting regarding getting easy exp in RSV2. It was made by me and another SRK member (Noa):



Dark Sector (xbox 360) now for sale. $45 shipped with confirmation & insurance.

Wireless Adaptor (xbox 360) - $65 shipped with confirmation & insurance.

$100 if purchased together.

R/C I might want the Wireless Adapter but it might have to wait till the weekend…

Wireless Adapter is pending sale with another buyer at the moment.

You’re 2nd on the list of potential buyers.
I’ll keep the status of it updated.

Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter available for sale.

Dark Sector game has sold.

Would you sell the adapter for 50?


Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter Price Reduced:

$60 shipped.

I’ll do this tomorrow once I get paid.

Nice! Send me a PM when you’re ready.

Yeah my pay check hits my account tomorrow morning, and I’ll pay pal you when I get to work.