FS: World of Warcraft Account.


Level 67 Orc Warlock on the Blood Furnace server. Comes with 600 something magic dmg to all, 800+ with blood fury + trinket.
comes with 1000g for your flying mount. 375 in mining/herb. Also comes in with a bank char + a Hunter that can be trinked to level 29. it has the items the char needs; it just needs to be leveled.

Armory link is:

Asking for $150.


You’ll have better luck if you get him to 70. Sold my account on ebay a few months back for more than double that.


that is illigal now


It was illegal when I did it too. Just put up a 24 hour auction and ebay will never even know.


you can craigs list it or do what some people did. You are bidding on a wow game. Winner of the auction gets an account blah blah blah… as a bonus for free.


Make sure you specify that what you’re selling is not the character but the time spent on him.
I sold a couple of accounts before, first account went for over 800$