FS - wow account

Class - 70 Blood Elf Priest
Server - Laughing Skull (transfer is up)
Professions - Alchemy/Herbalism 375 (Elixiir/Flask master has all flask, all useful elixirs)

Gear -

Holy: Has the best you can get for pretty much everything except back, neck besides sunwell 2280 healing unbuffed

4/8 t6, sunwell wand, Earring trinket, Alchemy trinket

Shadow: Nothing special a mixture of Badge, Kara gear almost everything enchanted 1k spell damage

PVP - Holy/Disc

3/5 Brutal 2/5 Merciless, Full Gaurdian, Merciless offhand, Badge mace, Kharmas back

490 res 1800 healing

The character also has

9K gold
Bear, Attunement, Pink Hawkstrider epic ground mount
Cenarion Hyppograph Epic flying mount
300+ badges of justice
A bank of full of shit
A guild that has everything but Sunwell on FARM

Im looking for about 500 for her if you have any questions hit me on aim will bargain


I thought selling wow accounts was not allowed here?

i thought selling wow accounts was illegal