FS & WTT CAPCOM IMPRESS Cabinet (bay area)

I got a Capcom Impress cab for sale.
very rare cab
Excellent condition, no burn ins, no broken plastic panels. EXCELLENT CONDITION!
located in the San Jose, CA… I will not ship.
only selling because I’m moving and I wont be able to take it with me

Asking for $950 OBO.

willing to trade for an early 90s integra or civic …commuter car + cash on my part.

Monitor size, game inside?

29" like most candy cabs
no game inside
but i will include a jamma to xbox adaptor, for you can hook up a xbox


i’m interested and local.

PM me your email

still available

you should really post the pics man… would surely generate more interest with that price.

Good Idea!!

wow that is SEXY. what kinda buttons/sticks? whats the exact size of that screen? it looks like a 25" but hard to tell from the pic.

i got an 89 honda prelude that needs a paint job, id maybe trade.

he said the screen size already…

thanks james

its a 29" inscreen

seimitsu LS-32-01 and sanwan buttons

most popular configuration for sf3 third strike in japan due to shorter throw.

these are nice cabs, Ive got one too and his is in far nicer condition then mine, even though mine has the marquee holder.

Should note that these have a Qsound board inside the cabinet with RCA leads in the Jamma harness AND a CPS2/3 kick harness already fitted inside and prewired in the cabinet. Pretty much set for any capcom game you can throw at it.

Thanks TigerCranefist!

I also have the marquee holder available.

I really don’t want to sell the cab …but I’m moving and I won’t be able to keep it in the new place.

bummer man, they dont come up at often at all. Good luck none the less with the sale.

would you ship to Edmonton, Alberta? I’m interested your the candy cab.

ive heard navl (http://www.navl.com/) is good but not sure if its american only. my postal code is T6L 6L9 Edmonton.

Sorry Opips, he said, that he will not ship. :sad::sad: anyways, if anyone knows how much would be the shipping for that cab to N.Y.

He won’t ship it , i knew…I give up! the shipping delievery is expensive.

PM sent

I know this is off topic but I couldn’t find anywhere that I could find any info, but:

What are the differences between Astro, Blast, Candy, Capcom Impress cabinets? Is it just preference? Are some better or worse? Even a redirection to the appropriate info would be appreciated so I don’t wreck this thread.