FS/WTT Sanwa Stick!


SANWA JLF + octagonal gate
2 sanwa 24mm snap ins
6 sanwa 30mm snap ins
PCB is quite interesting works for PS2,XBOX,PC USB,GAMECUBE
comes with cd drivers for pc.

Can’t believe your selling it, Looks cool good luck.

yeah it was a pain to work with wood since i suck, and this time i made it the size of a normal printer paper.:sweat:

What PCB are you using for that thing?

how much will be the shipping to reynosa, tamps?? zip code is 88743

I bought one of this http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-16867739-control-arcade-playstation-game-cube-xbox-pc-agj-4500-lq7-_JM

and took out the pcb:wink: its quite small

sir_arthur_06 : great if your in mexico then tha makes things much easier

the shipping is only $150 pesos

shipping inside mexico is by estafeta, and a deposit in my HSBC account and we are set!!!

the total + shipping in mexico is 1,425 MXN + $150 pesos = $1575 pesos

besides the DS, are you looking for anything else

what do you have, i want a ds lite though, it be nice it doesnt have to come with the R4 to play roms but that would be sweet also.

but i much rather have the money to keep saving to buy a nintendo ds lite thats why am selling this.

am online on messenger right now if ya want to chat


well after giving it some thought, and since i dont need the money no more, id be more than happy to make Customs sticks for my comrades here in MEXICO, if people are interested.

sticks can start at $1650+ pesos with shipping included thats just an estimate lets me know if someone is interested.

Thats such a scary price bro, I know its pesos, but getting used to USD, its funny, haha Stick $1650 = :wasted:

It better make some toast for that much ;). Good luck! I see Lizard will get some more orders haha!

the thing is stuff here in mexico is so expensive, last time my order in lizardlick was

1 sanwa JLF
1 octagonal gate
8 sanwa snap ins
2 24mm snap ins

  • shipping
    was around 75 bucks
    then the pcb i use that has the PS2,xbox,PC uSB and gamecube ports cost 60 bucks
    so thats 135 bucks then having someone make a box cause i dont make them, i suck with wood thats around 20 bucks, then add paint and art thats another 20 bucks T_T thats actually more than what i i posted T_T

i know am talking about sanwa parts, of course happ parts are cheaper. but people here in mexico are pretty much screwed for parts and sticks T_T

Oh don’t worry about the price, its certainly reasonable, my satire was mostly due to the enormous difference between the dollar and peso. If you said a stick costs $1600 and didn’t include the peso sign, lol that would be one heck of a stick, and for that price it better cook and clean.

Sorry it was a lame attempt to joke at currecy exchange rates :rofl:.

sounds good, what about a ps2 only stick?? and lol pc1x1 that $1000+ stick wins tournaments by itself :looney:

well, if your interested i can make you one, but the thing is ps1 dualshock pads that are hackable are very rare to find here in mexico believe me i tried and no luck.

if you have a pcb then that would cut down the price a little bit.

yeah pesos look scary cause of the big numbers :wgrin:

sir Arthur:
anyways i have this stick that i use now, if you want it i can sell it to you. i could always use extra cash:wgrin:


PRICE LOWERED this need to go 100 bucks for all sanwa stick:looney:

im looking to sell my 2P X-Arcade (i know iknow shame on me :sweat:) so i can buy this one and have 2 sanwas :wgrin: just need confirmation from the guy im selling it