FS: X-Box 360 System set w/games(SFIV, fightpad,etc) $265 shipped

For sale is an X-Box 360 arcade system set. This 360 console is the latest model with the new “Jasper” chipset design, such as improved cooling, no red ring problems, and built-in 214MB memory.

System was bought new, less than 2 months old, only had 1 adult owner, and is in like-new condition. Never had any problems with the unit and comes with all original box, manuals, wireless controller, and accessories.

Added accessories are:
#1- Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fightpad(blanka style, excellent condition, original box included)
#2- Ethernet cable for X-Box live(not originally included with system).

5 Games included:
#1- Street Fighter IV
#2- Ninja Gaiden II
#3- Soul Calibur IV
#4- Gears of War 1
#5- Sega Superstars Tennis
(boxes & instructions included for each, and the games are in excellent condition and play perfectly).

$265 shipped. I accept paypal and ship fast upon payment.

Edit: no hard drive included. You don’t really need it though, with the 214MB memory i was able to do all my game saving, download updates, and playing on x-box live just fine.

Also i’ve sold on SRK in the past. Previously sold two custom happ PS2 arcade sticks for about $100 each. Look for my topic in the feedback section(if its still there, been a while now).

if only it were for ps3 i’d buy it off you ._.

Would you sell the system by itself? Already have most of those games. If so, how much?

if you sell him the system and the games are a reasonable price i might get the games from you as a package.

great deal. gl with sales.

you might sell your stuff quickly if you separate games and console.

C’mon guys. This is about a $400 value.

well, if you decide to sell the system alone, let me know. I’m searching for a jasper so don’t know how long till I find another one.

and if you sell the system alone, let me know, because i want all the games off your hands

Do you happen to have any xbox live memberships and/or points to sell that you dont need? will buy for cheap.

can 214mb of memory even fit a game like HDremix on it?

No, HDR is like 350mb. But you can get a HDD on eBay for $35. I bought an Xbox 360 Arcade and did this. You can play SFIV and use Xbox Live with the built-in memory though, and still have like 90mb free.

I’m subscribing to this thread… I’m interested, Just I lack funds ATM.

Cool. The set is still FS by the way, drop me a PM later if you decide on it.


True Grave, InvaderZim pm’ed you about us sending you a total of your asking price with you splitting the console to him and the games to me at least a week ago. What happened? Is that a no?

I think he’s trying to sell everything together for some reason even if he ends up with the same amount of cash.

I already managed to get a Jasper arcade off ebay so I’m out as well.

PM’ed again

Is this still up for sale? I pm’d on Friday, offering to buy it, and havent’ heard anything since then.