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Insanity Naked Hunter: Insanity DVD Series

  • Insanity DVD The Starting Over, Hyper Street fighter II

This DVD Contains

Footage From The** X Mania Gaiden **Street Fighter Tournament.
It includes all Footage from the: Super Street Fighter 2X Grand Master Tournament

32 Super SF2x Grand Master Challenge Casual Matches
27 Hyper Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition Matches.
14 minute Combo Video featuring the entire cast.
18 Minute Video showcasing the History of Street fighter 2 Glitches.

Here are a couple of the Players Featured:
Diago (Ryu)
AniKen (Ken)
Gian (Dhalsim)
YuuVega (Various)
Muteki (Guile)
Tsuki (Boxer)
YaYa (N.Sagat)
ARG (Claw)
OtoChun (Chun)
Kusumondo (Honda)
Komoda (Blanka)

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This doesn’t include the Yoga Book Hyper, does it? If it does, I will take it.

sorry… No Yoga Book Hyper… just the DVD.

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dang, ill take it if he falls

I have two. You both can pick them up! PM’s sent.

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