FS: X-Men VS Street Fighter w/ RAM cart

I am selling a complete copy of X-Men VS Street Fighter for the Japanese Sega Saturn. It is a used copy but it is Mint. It’s been played once and confirmed to work. As previously stated the disc and Ram cart are near-mint/mint but the box is very slightly worn. Instruction manual included.

$30.00 OBO. Accepting trades too.

No offense but I see this game on Ebay for like $10 - $20.

That’s usually the PSX version though. With that in mind $40.00 OBO.

nah, he’s right. i thought he was thinking about the PSX version too, but check this…


$30 bones…

anyways, you got any pics? i wouldn’t trust that ebay guy just cuz he has the disc sitting out on a table.

Yeah, XvSF doesn’t command a lot of money. SFZ3 is the most expensive since it had such a low print run.

I actually got mines for free from a friend. Connections ftw.

BTW, do you have any other Saturn games you’re selling?

XMvSF is worth nothing… Most you’re going to get is probably a peak of $80 for SFA3. Most of the other Capcom fighters are below the $50 mark…

hahah yeah man i thought i was the only other person who hated when ppl do that shit.

its like well thanks no thanks seeing as how the disc is scratched now.

yo right! at least throw it on a tissue or in another jewel case… or how about this one? DONT BE LAZY AND TAKE TWO PICTURES! haha

For $70, I thought he meant the B board, LOL

I can get a pic up pretty soon.No, I’m not selling any other games as XvSF is the only Saturn game I have left.

/bump $30 0b0.

bumping once again.


I think they are still waiting on pics…