FS- X360 Custom Happ fighting stick SOLD

My Street Fighter days are over, want to sell this. Bought this in 09 during the craze. Stick is made from MDF with plexi top and Akuma art. The components are all Happ (competition stick and 6 convex buttons, plus start and guide). Hacked Madcatz pad with wire bridge all terminals soldered. Overall the stick is in great shape and solid as a rock. The only flaw is some slight wear on the molding along the edges from normal wear from palm rest. The original builders link-http://www.myspace.com/robustmodz/photos


Asking 50.00USD plus ship thx


Gotta post a price.

Thanks for the heads up Tim, i left it out when i copied and pasted from the Shmups thread.

Thanks @Milou

I’ll show this to a friend who is interested in getting a stick.

I saw this over on Shmups. Nice looking setup for the price. GL with the sale!

Yeah, i bought it on ebay when the SFTE stick was out of stock everywhere during the Street Fighter 4 craze. The seller/builder had a lot of positive feedback so i dove in. I eventually bought a TE stick and modded it with Seimitsu LS-32. After playing alot on both sticks i really like the Happ better, I played mostly remix though. I’m more fond of Japanese parts for shmups.

How much for shipping to 92865 interested!

Ship will be 16 in the US via USPS with delivery confirmation. It will fit perfect in a large flat rate box but the stick will have to be removed (easy to reinstall with standard e-clip) Thx

Christ, I’d LOVE this if it wasn’t Xbox… God do I miss playing on Happ… Sanwa feels like a fucking toy to me, but HAPP… Makes me feel like a man.

Send me payment email I’ll send when I get home after work. Thanks!! How big is the stick compared to a TE?

Stick on hold


Sold, Thanks!