FS: Xbox 360 120GB HD, wireless controllers, iPodS, PSP SLIM+8GB, ti-83+

lots of stuff i have laying around that i only used for my vacation in asia for a few months and now it’s collecting dust. i could use the money too :slight_smile: WILL consider trading for silver or gold coins. i’m not kidding either.

xbox 360 120 gb hard drive (pulled from an elite): 109 shipped -ON HOLD FOR FINAL-

official xbox 360 wireless controllers (3) WHITE COLOR: 34 shipped each (if you buy more than 1 shipping is cheaper)

official xbox 360 wireless controllers (2) BLACK COLOR: 34 shipped each.

xbox 360 Tony Hawk Project 8 game complete: $12 shipped. FREE if you buy any 2 items!

Battlefield 2 xbox 360 game only: $9 shipped. FREE if you buy any 2 items!

ipod nano 2nd gen 2 gb w/headphones & cover: 55 shipped (buy transfer cable else where). has some minor scuffs definitely nothing serious, still in overall great shape.

ipod video 30 gb black limited U2 edition hard to find now. excellent overall condition comes with headphones only. 149 shipped.

psp slim system (limited silver edition) + OFFICIAL 8gb pro duo: 210 shipped.
will throw in MLB 2006/2007 i forget which one it is. psp is in excellent shape with protective cover already put on the front. comes with a special bonus if you buy it.

ti-83 plus calculator in excellent shape: 58 shipped.

radeon 9200 AGP card. great for a backup card. : 19 shipped.

Brand new and sealed Wii Remote: 35 shipped.

whatever i dont sell here by sunday it will be craigslisted/ebayed. YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE 1 free item NOT 2!!! Buy more than 1 item and shipping will be lowered.

What’s the special bonus for the psp? Any CW on it? and I’m assuming it doesn’t have scratches on the screen or stuck/dead pixels since you placed a protective cover.

Some pics would be nice. Thanks

oh shit al the great has returned!!

mcginnis: i bought this second hand but it was already in great condition. i didnt see any scratches on the screen. as far as dead pixels i dont see any either. the back circular ring that surrounds the word psp has some scratches on it. i’m going to make this clear that this psp has some normal wear and light scratches on the back so if you ARE looking for a MINTY psp that looks like it was just opened out of the box this wont be it. but overall it’s still in excellent condition and clean.

I will post pictures of my stuff FRIDAY late night after school.

haha thanks.

Not really worried about the exterior. I’m more concerned that the buttons don’t stick, the stick is good and the screen is good. After looking at the pics I’ll see if I want it. You didn’t answer the custom firmware question.

I know rite :lol:

Al: OBO/trades on that 30gb ipod? My modded ipod mini finally died :(.

mcginnis: yes it can come with Custom firmware as a bonus if wanted. buttons dont stick i wouldnt sell this if buttons stick. the analog stick is excellent. everything is in excellent working condition. even though i bought this second hand i took care of it. i will take multiple pictures of the screen upclose for you friday late night and i’ll post back here.

sure i accept trades. i’m pretty open to alot of stuff especially harder to get old school games. what do ya got? if you pay cash the lowest i’ll settle for that ipod is 140. if you want pictures i will post them up friday late night. that way you can see what you’re getting. thanks.

i understand that the stuff i’m selling is higher in value so i’ll post pics for everyone.

Can I get pics of the Ipod nano?