FS: Xbox 360, 2 ps2's, 360 Games, ps2 games (Cheap Prices)

I have for sale the following and need them gone fast:

  • Xbox 360 with two controllers (one’s black) and COD4, Halo 3, and Bioshock all together for $315

  • 2 PS2’s 2 memory cards, 2 internet adapters, controllers, and some games (will list later). One of the ps2’s is missing the front for the disc tray but this has no affect on the system’s performance (this one will be $35 without anything else). The other is fine ($45 without anything else).

You can take both ps2’s, controllers, and everything else (excluding games) for $90.

-Paypal only!
-Shipping will depend on location

Interested in PS2s, but would like to see list of games first.

just wanted to help out on majeh’s sales.

There is a deal right now at gamestop if you trade in any version ps2 system with 2 controllers and 4 games you can get $100 credit towards purchasing a new system! that’s a brand new arcade xbox 360 for $100 or a wii for 150!