FS: Xbox 360 Bundle (Price Dropped by $40) is now $200! + Games

Xbox 360 Package
Xbox 360 Premium Console - Has never gotten red lights, disc tray got stuck maybe once or twice meaning when you press the eject button once the disc tray would not open, this only happened once or twice out of 1 - 2 yrs of owning this system. Never froze more than twice. So, this is a good model. It still works great. No HDD, No HDD Cover.
1 Wireless Controller
HD/AV Cables
Power Cord/Brick
PGR3 (Used) w/Booklet and Case
New Version of Xbox 360 Headset (Used)
Blue GameStop FacePlate

(Used) Xbox 360 Package $200 Shipped

Devil May Cry 4 (Used) w/Booklet and Case - SOLD

Gears of War (Used) w/Booklet and Case - $20 (Gears is very cheap because I got 3 unreadables with it out of 1 yr of owning the item)

Call of Duty 4 (Used) w/Booklet and Case - $40 Shipped

pm sent for DMC4

Dropped price by 40. Bump

dang this is a nice price, hope i can get it next week.

I might need to get at this shit.

I’ve been looking for a 360 for a while and this is a helluh nice price.

Hey PM me or post something when ever your ready to buy. I accept PayPal.

bump, I added a Blue GameStop Faceplate

Shipping to Mexico ?

Make it $210, and u got it for Mexico. I added 10 because of the shipping. Im shipping all the way from NJ bro.

Is the 360 a Falcon model with a 65nm chip? Because if so, I’m very interested.
What do you mean no HDD though? You took the hard drive out? Is the warranty still good?
It’s not banned on live, right?

Doubt it seeing how he said he’s owned it for 2 years or so. The falcons only recently started to be showing up a lot more.

its not the falcon model…someone please buy this damn thing im moving in 6 days!!

PM sent. When you reply I have something to add to it I forgot.

still available…

You hit me at the wrong time…gotta pay rent if this is still avail by fri 18 then ill grab it.