FS: xbox 360 custom arcade stick and custom case ~price drops~


$100~the 360 custom stick is a kaytrim kustom stick. features red sanwa buttons(screw in) with seimitsu LS-32-01 with a red balltop.clear plexi bottom, bison artwork and maple hardwood. works perfectly.

this picture shows the damage to the stick. top panel is cracked and glued back together correctly. also top plexi has circle marks from clamps used while fixing the stick.

$60~the case is esksnine custom case. street fighter stage artwork, cut for ls-32 or sanwa and screw in buttons. clear plexi bottom and poplar hardwood. Has the artwork cutouts for clear buttons!

$5 ~ sanwa stick wire harness
$2 each ~ seimitsu 24mm buttons x 3
$5 ~ white ball top
free ~ bag of .250 quick connects, enough for a stick.

all items will be shipped usps or ups depending on location. Locals can meet up with me too to buy and check out my items.

if prices are 2 high make an offer. i will probably take it if its serious. sorry for picture quality its off my phone.
BTW~ payments will be made through paypal or if u send me a moneyorder… id prefer paypal tho!

the joystick was moderately used for 3 months but i have another stick i use now. the buttons and joystick arnt worn much and still work perfectly.


is the Evo Stick Sack used? If so, how much?


nope it just held my stick in my closet. i got it first batch and put it in my closet a few days after that.


dont got pictures of the ecksnine case


just added it. the pic i uploaded first was super small for some reason hahaha.


How much for the bag shipped to Alaska, 99507? Your inbox is full BTW.


probably 30 total. i have to buy the boxes this time and thanks i emptied it.


its gunna be a little less than 30 shipped(28 with some change). i bought the boxes and checked the price today.


evo bag sale is pending. btw for the ppl who want to know i bought the stick for 220 and the case for 120 when i got them new. i think the prices are fair but make an offer if u dont think it is… i need the money!


bag sold.


im dropping the stick price to $140 or best offer.


added items


i might be interested in that case. I am not interested in the artwork though.

the price seems to be just a tad high on the 360 stick though.

I will PM you about the case


PM’d about QD’s.



the case is still BRAND NEW and never used everybody. i moved it into a shoe box the day i got it and its been in there since. and i answered all pm’s


price drop to $130 on the stick.


Inbox full


It’s hard to tell how damaged the stick is from your pictures. Do you have any better ones? The one picture you have of the front of the stick has the artwork hidden by cables…


its just the official bison sf4 artwork. and the damage is fairly clear the the second pic imo. the top panel cracked because of how thin it was routed and i clamped the board together n glued it.

however the circles on the plexi arnt shown at all… those are surface scratches from the clamps that can be sanded/polished out.

btw keep in mind the type of the wood on the stick is why im finding it hard to drop the price…


kaytrim stick sale is pending.