FS: Xbox 360 Games - hoping to sell TODAY

hey guys got a few games i want to unload… here goes:

Mass Effect Collectors Edition SEALED - $85 shipped

Half Life 2 Orange Box SEALED - $50 shipped

Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer SEALED - $25 shipped

Local pick up in toronto or will ship (using Paypal otherwise)


well the TODAY part didnt go to well lol… bump.

uhhh, OBO?

nobody wants 360 games?

im in canada :slight_smile:

lowered by 5 bucks each… SHIPPED and no tax… sooooo

Fortunately prices are now the same for games in Canada and US.

i meant 5$ price drop from what i originally posted… like i said u still dont pay taxes and its still cheaper… they are SEALED. what do u want me to sell them for, 15 bucks?

No, but if you’re looking to sell them ASAP then you might want to consider an additional drop. Or try eBay.

I’ll give you 21 bucks for mass effect…