FS: XBOX 360 (Halo Edition) + HD DVD + SFIV + 2 Custom built Joysticks - CT

BlazBlue - SOLD

Wireless Headset - Sold!

I’m willing to trade my 360, controller, and HD DVD Player for 2 PS3 TE Sticks.


dammit I want one of those Lack tables lol, too bad IKEA won’t be in Winnipeg till 2013 -__-"

Sfiv sold

bump, don’t people want this stuff? Its all great. BUY IT

Wats up man? Will referred me to this link aka realyst… I been looking for mas sticks for awhile now and can never find anything … I’m willing to trade my 80 GB ps3 for both of em … If your interested please email me at edmteky@gmail.com the ps3 is in new condition I take care of my electronics… Just got the slim an trying to get rid of it. Well hope your interested I’ll even throw in MGS4 and RE5 with it

how times have changed. i used to sell those aquos bluray players about 9 months ago for 350 dollars new. they sold like hot cakes too.

AL, I hear you. I dont have any idea why nobody is picking it up lol. its a slick player.

TeKy, I’ll get back to you. I just bought a SLIM too… just gotta mull it over for a day. I just saw this post.