FS: Xbox 360 Prewired Pads

Hey guys, I still have some 360 controllers from the last time I was taking orders on prewired pads (almost a year ago). If anyone is interested send me a PM.

Note, these pads will be wired up and ready to go, you do not need to do any extra wiring at all!!! Just take the quick disconnects and attach them to the prongs of the button or stick and you’re ready to go.

Also, the pads I have left are not common ground pads, if you would like me to wire it for a JLF stick I can do so but I would need your sanwa PCB. I can provide them as well but I will have to order the PCB.

Price for the prewired pad is $50 shipped*.

-Tha Hindu

*$50 shipped only applies to lower 48 states in the US. If you are anywhere else please contact me for shipping price/ details.

All PMs answered. For those that have tried to PM me my box was full from all the PMs on these. Everything has been cleared out now so I will be able to help the rest of you out.

-Tha Hindu