FS: XBOX 360 Street Fighter Anniversary Arcade Sticks

Official NubyTech SF Sticks converted for XBOX 360 from a pad.

Stock 8 button layout, wired up for only the inside 6 buttons to work. Jab and Medium Punch need the two loose wires to be resoldered onto the PCB, which takes about a minute to do.

Please note, this will work only on XBOX 360 games, and not XBOX games because Black and White (Left and Right Trigger) are not wired up. You would need to wire those two buttons up if you wanted to play Hyper Anniversary Edition.

$80 shipped

I have one more that works 100%, no issues, no soldering, works on XBOX 360 games, but needs Black and White (Left and Right Triggers) wired up for XBOX.

$125 shipped.

With the amount of work done to these sticks and the PCB, it is definitely a deal for anyone who grabs em!

Layout is Standard XBOX pad Layout plus LB as Fierce Punch, and RB as Roundhouse Kick.

Any pics? And do you ship to Europe.

shadowkiller: I do, and they look like any other Street Fighter Anniversary Arcade stick you see. Everything is stock. Shipping will obviously be more to Europe.

Bump, these need to go

Prices lowered, and priced to move.


Still available.

BUMP, come on guys, this is a great deal for 360 sticks